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Time Tagger 1.1 - Free upgrade
Wed Jul 29 '09 2:00 am

Matterform Media has announced the 1.1 release of Time Tagger, the unique time tracking program that uses tags to track your time for invoicing or productivity.

Download Time_Tagger_11.dmg

New in this version:

  • Fixed problem that sometimes caused Time Tagger to crash when working in the Reports window.
  • Fixed problem that sometimes caused Time Tagger not to save date changes in the Reports window.
  • Fixed problem that sometimes caused two tags to be created.
  • If you are working when midnight rolls around, Time Tagger will now stop your current slice and start a new one with the same tags. This will make reports work more reliably.
  • Time Tagger no longer hides the slice you are working on when midnight rolls around.
  • Changed the default reports to be a little more intuitive. Affects new users only.
  • Added a little helpful text to the main window.
  • Improved time editor.
  • Fixed placement of Tags list in Reports window.
  • Switch to Edit mode after creating a new report
  • Show the most recently-viewed report when opening reports window
  • More intelligent now about bringing Time Tagger to front on wake-from-sleep
  • Auto-select report name in edit mode

Time Tagger 1.1 is a free upgrade for all licensed users. New licenses cost $29.95. A free demo is also available at

Matterform Media also publishes Sonar, a real-time file security monitor, and Yank, an all-purpose uninstaller for OS X.