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Time Tagger 1.2 Free Upgrade
Thu Aug 20 '09 8:30 pm

Matterform Media has just released a new version of Time Tagger, our tag-based solution for time tracking. Time Tagger 1.2 is a free upgrade for all licensed users.

This new version introduces the features most frequently requested by our customers, including tools for keeping the tag space tidy and new keyboard navigation that lets you turn tags on and off without touching the mouse.

Download Time_Tagger_12.dmg

New in this version

  • Much improved keyboard navigation. Turn on tags just by typing the first few letters of a tag and then typing return. No more tag-hunting!
  • By popular demand! New “Snap to grid” and “Clean up” features keep your tagspace tidy by aligning tags to an invisible grid.
  • New “Remove Old Tags” tool lets you find and remove tags you don’t need anymore.
  • Easily select multiple tags just by dragging a selection rectangle around them.
  • Fixed bug that threw an error at midnight.
  • Fixed problem with upgrade detection.
  • Improved uninstaller.
  • Fixed bug with the demo window.
  • Fixed bugs with report dates not refreshing before printing and exporting.
  • Simplified the default tag install and made better default reports.
  • When you try to print or export an empty report, Time Tagger now shows an error (since printing a blank page didn’t seem very effective).