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Tech Support Policy

Before contacting technical support, please first check the manual and the Tips & FAQs.

Free Technical Support

When you purchase a license, you can receive one complimentary technical support incident. All tech support is handled by email and must be requested through the Tech Support Contact Page.

You can receive one complimentary tech support incident for each product you purchase. You are welcome to use any incident for help with any product. However, when purchasing multiple licenses of a single product, you still receive only a single complimentary incident.

Technical support is not included with free or discounted version upgrades. If you need tech support for your upgrade, you can purchase a license at full price to receive the included tech support.

Tech Support Credits

Our Web site keeps track of how many tech support credits you have. Our site creates an account for you when you purchase a license. You must log in to your account in order to see your credits and be able to send tech support requests.

Paid Tech Support

If you need more assistance, you can purchase additional tech support credits. Credits you purchase can be used just like credits you earn from license purchases.

There are no volume discounts for purchasing multiple credits.

Tech support credits can be used any time for up to 6 months after they are earned or purchased.

All sales are final and no refunds are available, not even for paid technical support. However, in the unlikely event that we are unable to assist you to your satisfaction on a paid tech support incident, we will refund the credit so you can use it for another tech support incident in the future.

What is an “incident”?

A tech support incident is one email conversation about a single, well-defined issue. Very long, very complex, or multi-issue emails may comprise more than a single incident and require more than a single tech support credit. If you send a long, complex email, we will address as many of the issues as we can for a single incident and let you know if you need to purchase additional tech support credits to get answers on the others. We can usually cut you some slack if your message is friendly, clear, and to-the-point.

Pre-Sales Tech Support

We hope that our free demos give you enough opportunity to evaluate the software without needing to request technical support. If you really do need tech support before purchasing the software, you can send your request to and we will try to help if we can.

Bug Reports

If you think you have found a bug in our software, you do not need to use a tech support credit to tell us about it. You can email your report to You can also email feature requests to this address. All messages sent to this address are read, but few are answered personally.

Known bugs and issues that are brought to our attention will be posted on the Tips & FAQs page, so please check that page first before sending your report.

Other things you may want to tell us

You can contact us for things besides tech support—product info, company info, complaints, reviewer license requests, etc. That’s not tech support. See our company contact page to see how to contact us for non-tech-support needs.

The RTFM Pitfall

Read the fabulous manual. If you send us a tech support request that we can answer by sending you a link to the manual, that’s what we’ll do and there goes your credit. Yes, we laugh at you when that happens. Most people find our manuals to be very helpful. If you think our manual is badly written and impossible to understand, we are very sorry, but you will probably think the same thing about our tech support, so it’s unlikely that we will be able to help you in any case. Consider finding yourself a friendly and patient consultant. They charge by the hour. We don’t.