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It's Your System. Keep It Clean With Yank.
Yank—Your Mac's Uninstaller

Yank is an all-purpose uninstaller for Mac OS X. Yank can create uninstaller files—called Yank Files—to uninstall any software and all its support files, no matter how it was installed. The result is a leaner, faster, safer Macintosh.

Try the free demo Purchase a license for $19.95

Throwing a program in the trash doesn’t delete the whole program. Almost every Mac program installs extra files on your hard drive-preference files, mysterious plists, big databases. They waste space and may even degrade your Mac’s perfomance and security.

Don’t trash that program-Yank it! Use Yank when you install a new program on your Mac. Yank monitors the installation process and saves a Yank File recording every change the program made to your hard drive. Later, if you decide to remove the software, just open up the Yank File and click Uninstall. Yank removes all traces of the software and puts your Mac right back where it was.

More than just a search

Other uninstaller products for the Mac use unreliable search technologies to locate and remove software. They rarely find all related files and never find files that unscrupulous spyware programmers deliberately hide. Yank uses Matterform’s new Sonar technology to log file system changes in real time, which lets Yank remove software reliably, safely and completely. Yank can create Yank files for any kind of installation: packages, custom installer programs and drag-and-drop installers.

Uninstalling older software

If you have software that you installed before you installed Yank, no problem. Just log onto the free Yank File Sharing Service, where you can find Yank Files created by other Yank users. Download the Yank File you need and Yank that program right away.


Want even more control over your file system? Check out Sonar, your Mac’s real-time file monitor. Sonar can log and report every file change ever made on your Mac. It’s the ultimate file security tool. Yank is built with Sonar technology.

Yank comes with a complete manual in the Help menu. You can also read the manual online.