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Software Tips and FAQs
Back up your Time Tagger data

Back up your Time Tagger data

Thu Feb 12 '09 11:18 am

If you’re using a decent automatic backup utility (like Time Machine) it’s probably already backing up your Time Tagger data for you. But if you back up by hand, don’t forget Time Tagger.

Time Tagger stores all its data in special folders in your user library. The library folder is hidden by default on most Macs, but you can go there by choosing Go to Folder… from the Go menu in the Finder, and then typing in the following path names:

~/Library/Matterform Media/Time Tagger
(This is where your tags, time slices, reports, etc. are all stored. You really want to back this up.)

~/Library/Application Support/Matterform Media/Time Tagger
(Your license codes are stored here. You can back it up if you want, but you can also get your license codes resent to you from our Web site any time.

~/Library/Preferences/Matterform Media/Time Tagger
(Window positions and rather unimportant settings you don’t even think about are stored here. Backing up this file is the data equivalent of flossing your teeth—every 20 minutes.)