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Free Web site icons since 1994
QBullets™ Legend

The QBullet Legend shows the meaning of every QBullet. Read the Usage Instructions and Download the QBullets for use in your own site.

Many QBullets are animated. Point your mouse at a link to see the QBullet move!

Navigational Cues


Links to a different Web site, often in a new window

Scroll Up

Links to another place further up on the same page

Scroll Down

Links to another place further down on the same page

New Window  

Links to a page in a new window

Multimedia Cues


Links to an Adobe Acrobat PDF file


Links to a Flash web page

Real Media  

Links to a Real media movie or sound file


Downloads and plays a digital sound file


Downloads and plays a movie file

3D Media

3D movie glasses connect you to a VRML page or other 3D media


Downloads a Microsoft Word document


Downloads a Microsoft Excel document


Downloads a Microsoft PowerPoint document

Content Cues


Links to a definition or glossary entry


Links to a short note (like a footnote or a popup note)


Links to helpful instructions

Info   Links to information. Helpful for differentiating links. For example, Product links to product info, but Product starts a download.

Links to a page with a form


Links to a search page

Edit/Change   Changes the value of the linked text. E.g., A link might refer to “Your Visa card”. Clicking “Visa” would let the user change the setting and select a different credit card.

Net Services Cues

Secure Page

Links to a secured, encrypted page, often an order form

Log-in page  

Links to a page that requires password authentication

Email Link

Creates an email message

Download File

Begins to download a file to your local disk

FTP Directory

Links to an FTP directory from which you can select a file to download


Links to a News site

Other Markers

New Marker

Updated Marker

Smiley replacement. For the especially nostalgic, a sideways smiley is also included. :-)

Retired QBullets


Some of the less popular QBullets have been retired. You are welcome to use them for any purposes you like.