Yank is an all-purpose uninstaller. It can safely and completely remove almost any software from your Macintosh, no matter how the software was originally installed. Yank works by monitoring your file system while you install software. Yank creates an installation log for the software you install and saves it in a Yank file. Later, you can run the Yank file to uninstall the software. Yank also comes with a free Yank file sharing service you can use to share Yank files with other Yank users.

The easiest way to learn how to use Yank is to take the Guided Tour. Open Yank and then choose Take the Yank Guided Tour from the Help menu. This will give you a quick overview of how Yank works. Then you can come back to these Help pages for more details.

See Getting Started with Yank. Or use the controls on the left to browse the help pages.

You can try Yank for free in Demo Mode. If you like the way Yank works, please purchase a license. If you need assistance with Yank, please contact technical support.

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